Gizmondo gets US release date


There seems to be life in the old dog yet. Despite poor sales, what can only be described as a miserable line up of games and two obscenely powerful competitors, Tiger Telematics’ Gizmondo has been given a US release date. Handheld gaming’s very own underdog will see its North American debut on August 11th and to further sweeten the deal this news comes on the back of an announcement that Tiger Telematics has secured a deal for 89 new games from a number of major developers and publishers.

If there is any hope for the future of the Gizmondo this probably going
to be it. Having met a pretty frosty reception in the UK, going
stateside might give Gizmondo the sales boost it badly needs, plus news
of more games is a definite boon as this handheld’s biggest problem was
always that its competitors Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP have always
had more games of better quality.

Tiger Telematics

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