E3: Gizmondo back from the brink


Gizmondo’s had a great E3 for three reasons. Firstly, it’s finally shown off games that actually use its unique features. The GPS-enabled gang war game Colors sees you playing a single-player Grand Theft Auto lookey likey, but that links into a multi-player game based on where you live in reality being your home turf. You can then challenge other gangs as you go through their turf, or just leave them a graffiti message. Agaju: The Sacred Path looks slightly more dubious – a tomb raiding game that involves you using the Gizmondo’s camera so the game sees when you turn around and matches your movement in-game.

Symbols in the box with the game can also be held up in front of the camera to trigger events in the game. More excitingly than its own games getting good, Gizmondo has announced Electronic Arts will be supporting the handheld console with titles including FIFA Football and SSX. Finally, Gizmondo’s stand was packed to the rafters through the show. Though this may be because it was built to be a maze of little alleys and had more "booth babes" per square foot of stand than any other. Simon M

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