Das Keyboard, the geek's choice


These would probably make a good prank to play on junior office staff. Das keyboard is completely free of any keyboard markings and so is suitable to those who spend an unnatural amount of time in front of a computer shunning the daylight hours. Or, as the Das Keyboard site puts it “ÜberGeeks only”.

Many people might be puzzled by this concept, but there will doubtless be a nerd status boost to wielding a marking-free keyboard and all the better if you are able to use it without randomly jabbing the buttons for twenty minutes looking for the infernal “@” symbol.

Das Keyboard’s maker has also made efforts to ensure other aspects of the design suit the exacting standards of the geek market; keys will be able to be partially identified by different weightings on key groups, varying from 35 to 80 grams. In fact the only real drawback to Das Keyboard (aside from the obvious) is its USB connectivity which may make it less appealing to the gaming elite who prefer to minimise lag using PS2 connections instead, but heck, you can always get an adapter.

Das Keyboard via Gizmodo

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