Top Spec DVD player from Yamaha

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Yamaha has unveiled its new top spec DVD player, which includes support for DVD-Audio, SACD, MP3 and WMA formats. Featuring progressive scan for NTSC and PAL sources, motion adaptive noise reduction, Faroudja’s DCDi processing with 3:2 pull down and ‘TrueLife Enhancer’ that enhance small details and colours with sharper definition and minimising distortion. Cross colour suppression, aspect ratio conversion and an HDMI output at 480p, 576p, 720p or 1080i help define the Yamaha DVD-S2500 as a premium piece of kit.

The DVD-S2500 also contains a FireWire (aka IEEE1394) connection enabling 192kHz/24-bit D/A conversion from SACD and DVD-A. Aluminium plate shielding, gold plated terminals, coaxial and optical outputs make sure it achieves a high standard of video and audio quality with DTS and Dolby Digital decoding for superb surround sound.

A distinguishing feature is the RS-232C interface allowing custom installation using a PC. The price tag of £699 belies Yamaha’s focus on the discerning DVD consumer.

Yamaha via Home Cinema Choice

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