Lib Dems get modern in the vote wars


In a bid to modernize their image, the Liberal Democrats
have set their sights on the mobile generation with an innovative political
campaign. Launching the Iraqcost WAP ‘game’
made by Masabi, a mobile applications firm.

Masabi is also the organisation behind political satire game
Picktheprez, but really there isn’t much fun to be had when you realise just
what an enormous amount of money £5billion is. Sling a few hundred million here
and there between Policing, Health, Education and the Environment and realise
there is still some spare. Now wonder whether the war was really money well

You can even upload your opinion on how that money should
have been distributed and pass on the game to your friends. This example of
viral marketing might prove a powerful tool for the Lib Dems in the run up to
the general election.

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