Alienware: Star Wars edition systems


Alienware, creators of every gamer’s dream PC has unveiled details of two new corporately sponsored designs. Yes, looks like George Lucas has managed to turn the respectable chaps at Alienware to the dark side of marketing as we look forward to both light and dark version to be released in the near future. This possibly even tops Orange’s Episode 3 themed box-sets for the sheer scale of tackiness.

Ironically what you can expect to find underneath the swathe of adverts enveloping on the case is actually still a respectable machine; the Alienware Aurora packs a solid punch with an Athlon 64 FX-55 processor and cutting edge graphics hardware. But the hapless customer will find themselves inundated with yet more merchandising such as soundtracks, wall paper, skins and a short form to donate your soul direct to LucasArts. On the plus side there are so many Star Wars franchise games available now that you needn’t ever step outside the delusion into the cruel force-less real world ever again.

Soon you too could have a Darth Vader styled desktop, a case with Luke and Leia emblazoned across the side, or why not cut to the chase and buy a Jar Jar Binks lunch box and kiss your every shred of dignity goodbye.

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