Sony NW-E505 Walkman

MP3 players

Time to roll out the inevitable iPod Shuffle comparisons: Sony’s just launched the NW-E505 and NW-E507 Network Walkmans. The 512MB and 1GB (respectively) players have been knocking about the internet for a while and now they’ve been officially launched in Europe. Also out are the 512Mb NW-E405 and the 1GB NW-E407. All four players come with Organic EL (electro-luminescence) displays, 50 hours’ battery life and support for MP3s, as well as ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, WMA, and WAV. The 500s have FM radio while the 400s don’t, but that’s about the only difference really. All three have a neat quick charge feature which lets you gain three hours’ of battery life for just 3 minutes spent plugged into your computer’s USB port. (Click for more pics)


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