Sony Cyber-shot T7


Sony’s latest Cyber-shot is this super-skinny camera, stumping up a generous 5.1 megapixels despite its slender frame. The T7 also comes with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5-inch LCD screen, making it a pretty appealing object. At it’s thinnermost point, the T7 is just 9.8mm thick and even with the lens cover on it’s under 15mm. Other features housed in the stainless steel body include: Real Imaging Processor;MPEG VX Fine with audio; Memory Stick Duo and a battery life that should last for 150 shots. The Cyber-shot T7 will be out May 2005.

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  • Thanks for agreeing Herman. I know there are cosmetic changes (I own a DSC-T1). But if they were going to come out with an upgraded T1 then how about more mega-pixels, greater zoom, and maybe a MMC slot instead of the MS-Duo. The camera was already small thats what sold me on it. But there no other upgrades. I mean in 2 years don’t you think they could have done better? Just seems half-assed.

    Thanks for listening.

  • This is a new camera. The DSC-T1 was thicker (0.8in vs. T7’s 0.6in body+lens cover/0.4in rest) and had a full width lens cover, a different larger battery, and USB 1 instead of USB2.

  • I kinda agree. The features are the same except for the case. It’s much thinner.

  • This is not new! This camera came out 2 years ago. It was called the DSC-T1. Same camera different name. Gotta love Sony rehash old stuff and call it “new”. And Jeers to Gizmodo for backing them up.

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