Samsung's UK bound hard disk music phone

Mobile phones

Huge news from Samsung (again) which at CeBIT has unveiled the first mobile phone with a hard disk for the European market. It already sells hard disk phones in Korea. Set to debut in the second half of 2005 the SGH i300 is a clear rival to Sony Ericsson/Motorola music phones with its MP3/WMA player and of course storage for around sixty hours of tunes.

Crucially Samsung had added a scroll navigation which wheel which the company says makes it easier to choose your music. It runs using Windows OS, no details as to which flavour yet, and includes a 1.3mega pixel camera with a flash.

The three Gig hard drive certainly makes the 512MB offered by Sony Ericsson seem a little small potatoes. Incidentally Nokia is expected to launch a hard disk based mobile in 2005. We have a sneaking suspicion that it might be announced at a press conference in April.

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