CeBIT: Motorola's RAZR style 3G phone

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We still aren’t entirely convinced by Motorola’s recent 3G phones, but the V1150 unveiled at CeBIT looks like a big step in the right direction. It has a two mega pixel camera, Moto’s first model with this, as well as a second VGA second camera for video calling. An 8x digital zoom and macro mode are also on board and images are saved on a Transflash Memory card.

Like almost all Moto phones it playbacks MP3 files and unlike all of them WMA ones too. Interestingly it is not compatible with AAC ones – that iTunes phone sure is going to be special). There’s also Bluetooth, SyncML for connecting the phone to PCs and much else. The phone’s killer feature though is its size. Its RAZR-like skinny (it has that phone’s natty flat keypad) and weighs just 130g which is pretty light for a 3G phone. Expect to see it in the UK in a couple of months.

Moto also unveiled another 3G phone in the guise of the V1050. A Vodafone exclusive which will go on sale in the next couple of months the clamshell model has a 1.23 mega pixel camera with zoom, video download and calling facilities and POP3 email compatibility.

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