Pogo sticks out AM/FM recorder*


Remember when you used to tape the Top 40 on your portable cassette deck in deathly silence so you didn’t get the noise of granny coughing when playing back Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy. These days it’s all so much simpler. And don’t have to buy one of those ridiculous looking Bug digital radios to be able to do it. American firm PoGo! Products (yes they really do have an exclamation mark in their name – how w***y is that!!) has just announced an AM/FM radio recorder called Radio YourWay LX in 128Mb and 512 Mb versions.

* That’s a pun for our UK readers. Not sure if you got Pogo sticks over the pond 

The US press release bangs on about being able to record Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or the James Brown Sports Show. Now I have no idea who these people are, though I’m guessing that it’s not the same James Brown – the old sex machine doesn’t look particularly sporty to me.

But I’m sure there’s nothing stopping you buying the product to record Tony Blackburn, Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan – though of course you shouldn’t record the music as you could be banged up for copyright infringement, probably. The Radio YourWay LX comes with built-in MP3/WMA player, voice recorder and direct MP3 recording. Users can listen to live or recorded broadcasts through the built in speaker or headphones provided.

The RadioYourWay LX costs from just $199 ($199) – that’s about £2.20 at the current exchange rate isn’t it? The 512Mb version is $249.


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