PodGear's PodShave for iPod and iPod mini

MP3 players

PodGear has steadily acquired a reputation for intelligent solutions to everyday problems encountered whilst enjoying your iPod. Take shaving for example, no one wants to put down their beloved Personal Audio Player merely to rid themselves of unsightly stubble; we here at Tech Digest firmly believe that excessive facial hair is an unavoidable part of indulging in expensive gadgetry. But at last there is a solution: PodGear’s new PodShave and PodShave Lady compatible with the iPod and iPod Mini. Simply attach the matching white shaving clip to you iPod and, without need for extra batteries, an ultra smooth shaving experience and even collects the clippings in a useful vacuum collector. PodGear’s PodShave is available now for £19.99 at iPodWorld … tell me, what’s the date tomorrow?


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