Glastonbury's Silent Disco


So, Michael Eavis, founder of the internationally renowned Glastonbury festival, famed for having one of the world’s largest privately owned fences, just how do you satisfy both a bunch of disgruntled villagers who would like to have the serenity of country life back and a mass of drugged up tree huggers with an urge to rave? Simple – Wireless headphones. In a revolutionary move, the Glastonbury founder announced this week that to overcome a noise curfew, lucky festival-goers will be supplied with wireless headphones by a pioneering Dutch firm, who have already field tested the system at similarly drugged up events in the Netherlands. The festival is scheduled for 24th – 29th June with no official statements on who will be headlining yet.

Glastonbury Festival

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One thought on “Glastonbury's Silent Disco

  • Apart from aspects of ‘noise for the neighbours’ we expect the Silent Disco we are presenting on Glastonbury Festival to be revolutionary in two different fields.
    The sound will be superiour and people will be able to zap between two channels. That’s why we call this set the Double Digital Silent Disco.
    Whoever has been to a deejay battle, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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