Philips DVD recorder with Freeview and HDMI

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Philips has unveiled the DVDR7200, a new DVD recorder but with the added bonus of a built in digital terrestrial Freeview decoder.
Freeview is, as anyone in the UK already knows, a free TV service that enables you to receive digital terrestrial TV and includes a whole host of new channels for you to find woefully uninteresting, other than of course the brilliant BBC3.
Despite seeming a logical step, it is currently quite uncommon for DVD or Hard Disk recorders to include a receiver and even less so from a major brand.
The DVDR7200 will let you program to record up to seven days in advance courtesy of its GuidePlus + Interactive Programming Guide.
It offers both dual layer DVD+R/RW recording with 5.1 audio recording capability and includes an HDMI for top quality digital transfer of video and audio to suitably equipped TVs/screens. On sale in May for a pretty competitive £400.

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