O2's X4 3G on a budget arrives

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Fancy trying out 3G but not too fussed about making video calls? Well O2 has unveiled the first in its series of home-grown 3G phones in the single camera only X4 handset.

Much smaller and lighter than the average 3G Behemoth the X4 is in fact a deadringer for previous O2 handsets like the its X3. O2 has gone to the same manufacturer to produce the phone too which we think, though we can’t prove it, is likely to be Taiwanese maker BenQ.

In terms of features the X4’s big story is that it is compatible with O2’s range of video facilities, which means it can download or stream, music, sports and comedy clips.

It also boasts a 1.3 mega pixel camera, which we really hope is better
than the one on the X3, features neat 262k colour screen, MP3 player
and is compatible with WAP and Java. There’s 10MB of storage on board
though this can be upgraded via a memory card. Curiously there’s no
Bluetooth so we suspect you won’t be able to use it as a modem for a
laptop PC.
It is on sale now from free.

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