Music downloads to your phone and your PC

Mobile phones

One of the reasons why downloading music directly to mobile phones has been a slow starter is because when a person buys a track they can only play it on their phone and not on their PC too. Seattle based Melodeo hopes to change all that with a secure download system that will allow user to purchase songs which they can then store on both their computer and their mobile.

The company’s Mobile Music Solution includes a Music Store which resides directly on the user’s mobile phone, allowing consumers to shop for, preview, purchase, play and store full music tracks over the air.

They can also download the songs to a PC and easily swap songs between their PC and their mobile. The system works with all kinds of phones too including Series 60, UIQ, Windows Mobile, BREW, and Java-based handsets, as well as an embedded client.

Interestingly the service uses the aacPlus format from Coding
Technologies, which produces music files in the 500 to 750K range,
significantly smaller than a typical MP3 file, for phones, but offers
them as WMA files for the PC. There’s more info here.

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