Imported Sony PSPs land in the UK


The official UK launch of Sony’s PSP may still be months away, but reasonably priced Japanese versions of the ultra-covetable handheld games console are already reaching the UK. For £145.59 games addict who can’t wait until the summer can order a Japanese import PSP from Hong Kong website
Courier shipping costs £17 and the PSPs reportedly take 1-3 days to reach you. Although we’ll believe it when we see it.
For those wondering whether a Japanese PSP will be compatible with English games, the answer is yes and it will play US games too. Sadly UMD movies have been region locked so English and Japanese discs won’t play on the Japanese devices. Btw we are interested to hear of anyone in the uK who has imported a PSP.

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  • I’ve bought a Japenese import PSP for my boyfriend for Christmas but I’m a concerned now that he may have problems playing UK UMBs? Do the imports play UMBs, UK games and do you just need an adapter for the AC plug?

  • I have a jap psp with (eng)firmware v2.0 on it.
    And i can not get on the internet with it. I will either get a Dns error or the
    it will say IP Timed out if anyone can help plz plz reply or email me

    [email protected]

  • I recently bought a PSP import from Lik Sang for my son. We were not happy that we would have to pay over 50 pounds on import taxes. But however the psp is excellent so we could not complain much. My only bad feedback on the Japanese PSP is that it cannot use the Game Sharing facility with UK PSPs. I am sure Sony could easily manufacture a device that deals with this problem.

  • i had my psp imported from HONG KONG, works a treat in UK, i have 4 dead pixels, i didnt realise this until 2weeks later when i downloaded a program called dead pixel checker, it goes through a series of colours and you can see where they are, still when im using it to play games, veiw photos you dont notice, i forget i have them, still, good machine, highley recomended, also, sony will only replace dead pixels if you have a certain amount that dont work.

  • I picked up a PSP in January through a friend who was working in Japan for a few days. All in all I think it’s an excellent machine, well built, a good battery life and RidgeRacer is very engrossing when played with earphones in and the soundtrack and effects blaring away. I have heard one or two stories about screens shipping with dead pixels but my unit is fine. I personally think that Sony are making a sensible decision ensuring the games aren’t regionalised and a big mistake limiting films by region. Although I suspect this is more to do with their commitments elsewhere. I had originally intended this to be used as a player for the car for my daughter to watch films on in addition to playing games but the process of transferring dvd’s to a memory stick large enough and the cost of sticks of a sensible size has put me off. Far cheaper to purchase a portable dvd player for the car and use the PSP soley as a games machine. I’m not convinced it will be used as an MP3 player, it’s far to bulky, although the sound reproduction is good. All in all I think Sony have come up trumps with a good machine that should have wide appeal provided it is sensibly priced for the European market.

  • I’ve imported a PSP from Lik-Sang. Sadly, it was just before the second recent price drop. Ho hum. It arrived pretty quickly, though, but with £56 import costs including UPS admin charges for paying it. The screen and sound are both really good, better than the DS. But it’s my kids who use them, so what do I know?

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