Gizmondo's high profile, low sale (?) launch


Yup, it’s what statistically speaking at least a few of you may have been waiting for – the launch of the Gizmondo handheld games console/mobile phone. In a star studded event at its flagship store in London, Gizmondo had lined up Danni Minogue and Tom Green to host, with performances throughout the evening from Sting, Jamiroquai and Busta Rhymes. The celebrity presence did little to fix the the modest game line up, (series and developers that no-one has heard of) and the comparatively high price (£229, compared to £100 for the Nintendo DS though you do get a mobile phone thrown in). According to some reports, only 800 units have been sold so far.
As expected, the versatile hand-held device will retail for £229, a price which included a battery, charger, earphones, software disc, a contract-free SIM and a SD card with demos, music and movies. More here.

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