World's smallest MP3 player (again)

MP3 players

Just when Samsung and BenQ thought they were in a private spat to claim the title of the world’s smallest MP3 players along comes a little known Korean brand to shrink digital music devices a little bit more and leave the two CE giants with egg-splattered faces.

For MobiBlu has delivered the DAH-1500, a player that’s a few millimetres smaller than its main rivals, the Samsung YP-T5H and the BenQ Joybee 102. The DAH-1500 is a tad unusual in that it sports a square-ish design with an OLED screen in the front, which kind of makes it looks a deadringer for a baby TV. To save space, the player only has one socket, which connects an earphone and a data cable to the model.

Other facilities include an FM tuner. Battery life is about 20 hours. There is no word on price or availability.

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