T-Mobile debuts microsoft 3G smartphone

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It won’t come as a massive surprise to TD regulars as we mentioned it a few months back, but HTC, makers of microsoft Windows Mobile phones, has officially taken the wraps off its first 3G device.

We say HTC, but actually T-Mobile Germany got there first in not only parading the phone, but also giving it a name – the MDA IV. Seeing as just out every UK network has taken the model’s predecessor you’re bound to be seeing a lot of it come this summer when it launches.

Anyhow the details are this. The MDA IV apes previous phones from HTC – like the O2 XDA2 in that it is large and horizontal. However the key difference is that it now split in half so that the top of the device is a very large VGA touch screen while the bottom features a full QWERTY keyboard. In many ways it is like a larger version of Motorola’s MPX.

It boasts a huge range of facilities including two cameras to enable video calling, 3G, GPRAS and Wi-Fi compatibility and a 520 MHz Intel processor. And not surprisingly it features all the usual microsoft applications such as Pocket Explorer, Outlook, and Windows Media player on board.

There are no details yet on the storage, but presumably if you are using 3G to download large files you are going to need plenty of it.

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