Skype heaven for Mac and Linux lovers


As most of the TD team are died in the wool cheapskates we have a great affection for the wonderful innovation that is Skype. That’s because, as you probably already know, the VoIP phone service enables us penny-pinchers to make free calls to other Skype users.

So we have pretty much banished most of our Mac using acquaintances from our social circle, not because we have any great feelings about Mac OS X, but because Skype had no software available for Apple computers.

All that’s changed now and we’ll be happily discussing the delights of Safari and iLife on the blower as Skype has finally got round to offering Mac and Linux versions of its software. Apparently the Mac and Linux versions of Skype share all the features of the Windows one such as: free Skype to Skype calling and conference calling for up to 5 participants, cross-platform communications, presence and personalization features, and the pre-pay SkypeOut service – allowing users to call any landline or mobile worldwide for the price of a local call.

And all those Powerbook owners will now be able to join us in looking stupid at wireless hot spots by donning a silly headset and chatting for free to their pals. The download is available here.

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One thought on “Skype heaven for Mac and Linux lovers

  • Strange you say that. I’ve been using Skype for a couple of months now, on my Mac. The only thing they’ve recently published is version 1.0 of Skype, but earlier versions of their nicely ported and perfectly integrated software have been around for four operating systems (Mac, Linux, Win, PocketPC).

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