Battery-free remote control – no wind up


There hasn’t been much innovation in remote controls, well not since Sony cut the dangly cord that connected them to the TV and took them wireless. No really, it is true, ask your dad.

Anyhow, in what is probably the biggest leap since that momentous day Pogo Products has unveiled the first ever remote control that does without batteries. The EZPower Universal control features a little built in jog shuttle, which after you have wound it up a little, will power the handset for around seven days.

The remote isn’t only good for the environment and your wrist, it is also fairly smart too powering up to six devices: TV, VCR, Cable, SAT, AUX and DVD Player. It goes on sale in the US today for around $25. Here’s hoping some enterprising site ships it across the Atlantic soon.

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One thought on “Battery-free remote control – no wind up

  • I have a remote control, battery-free, but codes of LG (Goldstar) 249,247,241,235 do not work on my DVD. They can help with other codes?

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