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Not that we’re normally given to covering ring tone downloads stories, but this one seemed interesting enough to get a mention. A new website from BVRP (Avanquest’s parent company) called Mobileffects has just gone online, offering free ringtones, realtones, wallpapers, games and other content to the first 10,000 registered users to the site. But that’s not the interesting bit. The company is also offering the opportunity to send your own digital images directly to your mobile. Since none of the TD team are much given to downloading content for our phones (what with us sadly not being teenagers anymore), we’ll have to take the company’s word for it that this is pretty unusual. Users can customise and send personal photos or images from their PCs to their mobiles. The site’s been designed for a worldwide audience and can deliver content to most the major networks and most the major handsets in Europe, Asia and North America.

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