Motorola MPx220 on sale

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We’ve been going on about the imminent arrival of the Motorola MPx220 since December 2003 – but only because Motorola’s been talking about it since then as well. Maybe the company’s been having that difficult second album problem, because the MPx220 has only just gone on sale. The handset is the update of the popular MPx200 microsoft-based Smartphone, the second handset in the UK to take on the MS platform (after Orange’s SPV range). The clamshell design of the original has been carried into the MPx220, which is being sold through O2. (The company has the exclusive on it for the next few months or so.) The good news is that the handset now comes with a camera – 1.2 megapixels no less – and Bluetooth connectivity (which was the downfall of the MPx200). The bad news? It’s bigger and less appealing than the its predecessor.


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