Napster eyes up mobile phone market

MP3 players

After rolling out  Napster To Go last week, which enables users to fill up music playing devices with any tracks from the Napster library provided they pay a monthly subscription fee, Napster is already looking to expand the service.

UK general manager Lianne Sharman told Tech Digest that Napster is in talks with manufacturers and networks about offering Napster to go on mobile phones.

‘We are taking a 360′ strategy’ Sharman told TD. ‘We are looking to make Napster To Go available in the living room, in the car and on the phone, in addition to the service available for PCs.’

Sharman acknowledges though that the roll out of a service for mobile phones would depend on the manufacturers and operators.

While there is a base of around 20 million digital music players, over 600 million mobile phones have been sold worldwide and many new handsets have the ability to play back music.

Apple is also sizing up the mobile phone market after agreeing with Motorola to develop a compatible with its iTunes music download service.

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