Motorway service stations get into hotspots


Broadreach, suppliers of ReadytoSurf hotspots throughout the UK, is soon to be offering connection to the outside world for travellers stranded in the strange twilight world of motorway service stations. The company is working with Moto, the company responsible for 43 of the country’s motorway stop offs. The wireless hotspots will be located within the restaurants and also at (wireless and non-wireless) fixed terminals, allowing you to surf the web whilst chewing disconsolately on your eye-poppingly over-priced egg sandwiches. Moto gets 100million customers on average each year, who will be able to access the Wi-Fi service using pre-paid vouchers, credit card payments or a third party roaming partner. No pricing details, but as with everything in service stations, we’re predicting it will be pricey.

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