Motorola Manager lets slip about Bluetooth iPod

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No sooner have all the various iPod flash and iPod phone rumours died down and been confirmed, another load of rumours start doing the rounds. This time it’s a Bluetooth Apple iPod that’s in the offing, and apparently it’s looking pretty likely after a Motorola managed spilled the beans on French radio. According to Bogdan Nedelcou, Automobile Product Manager for Moto, consumers will soon be able to broadcast music wirelessly from their iPod through their car speakers. In an interview with Radio France, Nedelcou also described how drivers will be able to answer calls on their phones withouth having to touch their mobile. This has led to speculation about the possibilities of a dock that will enable both the iPod and a mobile phone to communicate with a car stereo. There’s no evidence that this will be an Apple product, but it hasn’t stopped speculation on the possibility of an "AirPod". And, of course, Motorola is likely to know what Apple’s up to at the moment after working on the ROKR Motorola iPod phone together.


A more in depth round up of the other iPod rumours, including the suggestion that the iPod mini will gain a colour screen and a bump up to 5 or 6GB capacity, and the iPod’s will ditch greyscale for colour entirely, can be found on ThinkSecret.

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