Inverto: 80GB Digital PVR

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Unbeatable’s just got its hands on a new PVR that’s set to go on sale this week. The Inverto IDL 7000 PVR is an 80GB hard disk recorder that comes with two digital tuners so you can record two channels (or record one and watch another). It gets a bit tick from us for including digital, since pretty much all the big league PVR manufacturers are still stuck on analogue (what with Freeview not being such a selling point in Europe and all…) The finish is as white as the snow currently outside our London abode and the price is £219.99. Other features include PiP Channel Search14 Day Programme Guide, Series Record (Weekly/Daily), Instant Replay, RW Live TV, Twin Scart Sockets (RGB Loop) and Trick Playback Modes.


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