Denon DVD-A1XV: nice but pricey

Home cinema

There’s no doubt that Denon produces some mighty fine looking home cinema kit. This latest DVD player will set you back a bit – a lot, in fact – at £2499.99, but the picture quality is supposed to be comparable to HDTV grade. The universal disc player is a brand new unit, designed from scratch from the ground up. The company not only claims superb picture quality, but the sound quality is supposed to match that of specialist audio players. More details of the features after the turn.


Features include:

  • UNIQUE DENON Pixel Image Correction (DPIC) for custom picture enhancement
    – UNIQUE DENON Advanced AL24 and Denon Link for stunning sound from all sources
    – WORLD FIRST Hollywood Quality Video HQV
    – from Silicon Optix (from the $60k Teranex box)
    – WORLD FIRST DVDO 10 bit Precision Video Scaling™ technology by Anchor Bay Technologies
    – Plays virtually ANY DISC. DVD, DVD-A, SACD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, PHOTO CD, DVD / CD -R +R etc
    – EVERY OUTPUT. HDMI, DVI, FireWire, Denon Link, Progressive Component, Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART
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