David Brent tops the polls


There was no way we could pass up the opportunity to post this pic of David Brent doing all out for his Comic Relief dance. It’s just been voted the number one clip clip on a BBC Motion Gallery-sponsored poll. Voted for by 5000 industry bigwigs, celebs and Broadcast magazine readers, Brent’s bum-clenchingly embarrassing impromptu dancing session got 20% of the vote beating clips from Blackadder, Doctor Who, The Blue Planet, Cathy Come Home, Dad’s Army and Morecambe & Wise. The hospital scene from Blackadder Goes Forth was 2nd, while third place went to the Daleks from Doctor Who. Others on the list included Live Aid, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the crazy, terrifying spectacle of the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980, the moon landing in 1969, and Jeremy Paxman’s hilarious "did you threaten to over-rule him?" grilling of Michael Howard on Newsnight. The full results will be printed in a special supplement of this week’s Broadcast magazine.

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