Campbell's Blackberry cock-up

Mobile phones

Good story in last night’s London Evening Standard (if it’s true). The Labour party may be running the country for the forseeable future, but when it comes to technology they are about as switched on as Blackpool Illuminations – during a power cut.

First Tony Blair shows his total lack of mobile phone know-how at a Downing Street ‘Texting Tony’ publicity stunt designed to show he’s down with the kids. Now his election strategy supremo Alastair Cambell has shown he’s completely inept when it comes to using a Blackberry.

An e-mail supposedly meant for the ad agency TBWA was mistakenly sent to the BBC with the sign-off ‘Now f*** off and cover something important you tw***."

Realising his mistake he then sent out another e-mail to the BBC, saying: "Not very good at this email Blackberry malarkey. Just looked at log of sent messages, have realised email meant for colleagues at TBWA has gone to you." Uh-Oh.

No doubt he’ll be made technology minister in the next government then. Or maybe given a job as PR for Blackberry.

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