3G phones take 20% of the market

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Some good news for 3, Vodafone and anyone else mulling over whether to launch a 3G network for consumers. Apparently 3G handsets are big hit with the buyers down at the Carphone Warehouse.

Responding to a report published today by Netonomy which suggested that only 4% of mobile owners were thinking of upgrading to 3G Dunstone said the following…

"In the last quarter, 20% of our sales were 3G phones. We expect that competition will really take off by the middle of this year, when all the networks will have fully launched their services. Next Christmas will be the big 3G Christmas. 3G is really starting to accelerate now and for the first time, our customers have the choice of four of the main networks; Vodafone, 3, Orange and O2. Once you’re comfortable with the technology, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would choose 2.5G."

Traditionally Carphone has done pretty well out of 3G. It managed to scoop quite a chunk of 3 subscribers when the network launched in early 2003 and since then even offered its own 3G phone, the Nokia 7600 (which 3 had passed on) which proved to be a huge hit.

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  • Good article, excellent for the consumer that there will be a greter no. of players significantly competing in the uk phone market. Does anyone know where i can get hold of facts and figures abut the uk market share for each of the big companies in the uk mobile phone industry for 2003 or 4 for free please (im a student)…i’d be eternally greatful

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