Telewest unveils PVR and announces HDTV

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As we have been predicting for a while now cable company Telewest will debut a hard disk based personal video recorder, or if you want the shorthand – the cable equivalent of Sky+, later this year.

The box, which is made by Scientific Atlanta, boasts a storage capacity of 160 Gigabytes (just like the high end Sky box) and features three video tuners, which will allow viewers to record two programmes while watching a third. This gives it a slight advantage over the Sky + box, which can only manage two channels at once. And, just like all other hard disk based recorders it will offer viewers the chance to pause and instantly rewind live TV if their viewing is interrupted.

There’s no word yet on whether the box will be sold, rented or both, or whether subscribers will be able to use it to record high definition transmissions.

Perhaps even more importantly the company has confirmed that it will follow Sky in delivering High definition TV to its subscribers at some pointing the future. There are no details as to what its plans are though. Earlier in the week Telewest unveiled its video on demand service, for more info about that read here.

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