Creative's OLED screen mîcro

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One of CES’s big hits was Creative’s latest versions of its iPod mini rival, the Zen mîcro. The new model, nattily titled Zen mîcro Photo, caught the imagination of the Vegas punters for its really superb 262k OLED colour screen.

Just like the Apple iPod Photo, and plenty of rival players, the screen will display both album artwork and JPEG images. It comes with either a 5GB or 6GB hard disk, plays MP3 and WMA music, including tunes downloaded from online music stores, and is available in 10 colours.

There’s no confirmation of price, but it is tipped to arrive in the UK in early summer. Also spotted at CES was a new version of the Zen mîcro in 1GB, 4GB and 6GB flavours which will arrive in the UK in the next few months.

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