Sony PSP UK launch confusion


Amazon’s been messing with everyone’s minds, publishing a page to pre-order the Sony PSP, only to remove it once the likes of The Reg and Gizmodo had written stories about it. The e-tailers gave the portable Playstation a shipping date of 18th March in the UK, which was news to us all. As I4U rightly pointed out, if the PSP really is going to cost £179 (the pre-order price on the now-defunct Amazon page), you might as well just go ahead and order it from Japan right now.

Meanwhile, in other news, our Gaming brethren, Games Digest, has had much fun speculating on the possible existence of a software update for the PSP that would leave it capable of emailing and internet browsing (as well as acting as a PDA-esque scheduler). The supposedly official leaked patch simply corrupts your PSP if you run it, but if the finished version does turn up online gaming via the PSP could well be on its way. Also included are word processing, voice communication, text-to-speech and music downloading and organising software, as well as access to three games.

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UPDATE: To confuse things still further, apparently the Amazon pre-order page is back up again.

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