Movement recognition handset from Samsung

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After months spent getting excited every time someone releases a phone with specs slightly higher than the one before ("it’s got a 1-megapixel camera on it!"; "it’s got a high res screen") it feels like Samsung’s marketing team have just started making stuff up, leaving us feeling dizzy and disorientated. First a phone that converts voice to text, then a 5-megapixel handset that actually looks like it might be coming to the West and now the SCH-S310, a handset that includes "3D movement recognition". What next? A handset with built in binoculers that automatically takes photos of everything you put down and shouts out in warning if you try to leave the house without it? After this, nothing would surprise us.

The SCH-S310 responds to the movements your hand makes, allowing it to respond to commands. This means you can dial numbers and write text messages by spelling the letters and numbers out in the air. You can also do things like shake the phone twice to end a call and move it to the right to scroll through the menu list. The phone is set to hit the Asian market in March.

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