Sega iDog


I4U has got more details of the cute looking Sega iDog up on its site. The Soroban Geeks lot said that it was basically a glorified speaker that could play tunes and hook up to an MP3 player. I4U has elaborated with the additional information that the Sega robot can store about 70 children’s songs (damn, so it’s only for the kids then) and can mimic your voice. It does this by playing sounds that are in a similar wavelength to your voice. Apparently the iDog is set to get a US distribution so we’re hoping to see the little fella over here sometime in the future. For the children in our lives, naturally….

Soroban Geeks

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  • this is soo KOOL! make a teenage/adult one! you could make an absolute fortune from this if you have it like an ipod…where u can put tunes on it and have it in ur room, and i would b the first one 2 buy it! (with a reasonable price LOL)

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