Is iPod going silver?

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If Think Secret’s suspicion that the fifth generation iPod is going to be silver is true, we’ll be a mite disappointed. After all, isn’t pretty much every other gadget silver (apart from the ones now ripping off Apple’s design)? Or maybe that’s the idea – now that everyone’s starting to copy them, they go and thwart everyone by getting into silver. Either that or they just want to get the product in line with the PowerBook and Mac Mini products. Whatever the reasons, we’re not best pleased. Think Secret has also suggested that Toshiba may be called on to hand over its 80GB hard drive as well as its slimline single platter 40GB unit for the purposes of a 5G iPod. Meanwhile, the website believes that a 5GB iPod mini is on the cards using a Seagate hard disk in place of the current Hitachi model. There’s a chance of more colours as well and certain members of the TD team are praying to the god of minimalism for a red mini.


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One thought on “Is iPod going silver?

  • Silver is a great neutral color that goes with any wardrobe. There is certainly a demographic that would buy it as it would make the ipod look a bit more classy.

    My wish is that they would replace *all* of the consumer white plastic on the model with silver or something that looks more professional.

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