Panny goes slidey

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Siemens may not be having too good a time in the mobile phone handset market, but the slidey design it patented on the much loved SL55, goes from strength to strength. The latest company to offer a SL55 tribute/rip-off (delete as you see fit) is Panasonic with its just launched X500.

It might attract a few SL55 fans on account of its cute design and pocketable size (it weighs only 96g and measures 85x47x22.5mm). Also like the SL55 it is pretty low-end in terms of its features with just a VGA camera, video capture, Java and not a great deal else. No idea yet who is going to take it in the UK but Virgin Mobile is sure to be a contender.

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One thought on “Panny goes slidey

  • The slidey design is from siemens ?
    I did´t know that. Always thought the nokia 7650 was the very first slide fone.

    Well who knows =)

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