Nintendo DS UK launch in March


Well the news gamers have been waiting for all day is just in. In Paris today Nintendo confirmed that its new DS handheld will launch in the UK on March 11th and will retail for £99.99. There will apparently be 14 games available from day one.

The dual screen handheld has already been quite a hit in both the US and the Far East and its launch is eagerly awaited in Europe. Among the early games, which will cost between Those games will cost between £19.99 and £29.99, are Super Mario 64DS, Rayman DS, Project Rub, The Urbz, Pokémon Dash, Sprung, Asphalt Urban GT, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Zoo Keeper, Ping Pals, Robots, Polarium and Spiderman 2. The actual DS hardware will ship with Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt.

Loads more details and background stuff from the launch on Games Digest in the next couple of days.

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