Nokia 6820 gets an upgrade

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Nokia’s 6822 has just been announced. The company’s latest messaging phone comes with that full fold out keyboard the 6820 introduced that lets you type away in full QWERTY layout. The model also comes with a VGA camera and a 65K colour display (is it wrong of us to always expect a megapixel camera on new phones?). Designed as a kind of smartphone-lite, the 6822 lets you synch your PIM data with your PC. It’s only got 3.5MB of memory, so you won’t want to be ditching your PDA just yet. Bluetooth is present and correct, and there’s also support for BlackBerry push-email service. The handset should be out any day now all over EMEA and the Americas.

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  • I want this phone so bad!!!!!! because it has AIM , MSN , and now its gonna have a camera!!! i really really want it!!!!! if i dont have it im gonna cry 🙁

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    terry smith

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