BlackBerry 7100X released

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Obviously BlackBerry decided to ignore those negative reviews of its redesigned QWERTY keypad (the TD team was split, with some of us hating it and some of us rather liking it) and plough on with another handset sporting the same doubled up key design. This time the company’s 7100x will be released in partnership with O2, the company that usually specialises in the more businessy side of smartphone/emailer devices (like the Xdas and the chunkier BlackBerry handsets). This time, however, O2’s in pursuit of a more consumery market (presumably in response to Orange’s SPV c500 and Vodafone’s 7100v BlackBerry). The 7100x looks similar to the 7100v, but comes in a ‘piano black’ chassis, with a slightly different styling to Vodafone’s grey handset. It’s got 32MB flash memory and 4MB SRAM. Like the Voda unit, the phone can be used without RIM’s dedicated BlackBerry email server so it can be used straight out of the box, but business users can also get it set up with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server if they want immediate push email and all the other benefits that come with it. Out this month. 

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