AirClick iPod Remote

MP3 players

The Apple love in keeps on going. Griffin’s been at it again, inventing white accessories for your white Apple products. This time the company’s come up with a remote control for your iPod. The AirClick uses RF technology to control your iPod from up to 60 feet away. Because it uses RF, the remote doesn’t have to be in the line of sight of your iPod, and you can use it through walls if you’re so inclined. Three different adapters are available, for iPod, iPod mini and a USB dongle for plugging into a Mac (so it’s no use if you’ve got one of those iPod speaker dock set). Five buttons – play/pause, next track, previous track and volume up and down – let you control applications like QuickTime, iTunes and Keynote, and there’s also a hold switch to stop you sitting on it and changing tracks by accident. $39.99, available on pre-order now.


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