£20 robot from Wany


Ok, so it isn’t completely new, but at CES we fell in love with err, Zig Zag Zog. It might be a toy aimed at two year olds, but the Zigster is also a fantastic piece of infrared based engineering from our new best mates at Wany Robotics. The £20/$30 Zig basically flies around a room at high speeds using sensors on its front to avoid barging into any stray table legs, sofas or small animals.

If the Zig detects that you are trying to stop him by smacking him on his head he speeds up and leaves you for dust. It might sound cheesy, but just like our old buddy the Roomba, kids, dogs and even the odd robot-obsessed adult is mesmerised by it. You can get it from ELC in the UK or Sharper Image in the US.

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