Zodiac adds Wi-Fi


While we have been reasonably impressed with the Tapwave Zodiac Palm based PDA/games console we do think it a little short on the features front. In particular its lack of a decent email client and even worse Wi-Fi are criminal. Both seem essential for any PDA even if it does end up spending most of its battery life on Duke Nukem Mobile.

Fortunately Tapwave has today rectified the situation via new software drivers for SanDisk and PalmOne’s Wi-Fi SD cards, both of which are compatible with the SDIO-enabled of Zodiac’s two SD slots.

Zodiac owners can now buy a complete Wi-Fi solution from Tapwave for $99 – not sure how much it will cost in the UK, but given exchange rates you are probably best ordering from the USA. For your money you get a Wi-Fi SD card, Wi-Fi software, an enhanced e-mail application, and a Web Browser.

Incidentally the software driver and e-mail application are also available as free downloads from the company’s Website.

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