BT hops aboard digital radio bandwagon


Seems like everyone is hitching a ride on the digital radio bandwagon. The latest aboard is good old BT, which today announced its Aviator 10M model. There isn’t a huge amount to say about it apart from it tunes into both digital and FM stations, features an alarm and has five (which seems a bit mean) presets.

It does however boast a record feature which will keep up to ten minutes of radio, enabling you to nip out to the offi, feed the cat or whatever else you fancy and not miss a second of your favourite show. The BT Aviator 10M also has the ability to play MP3s if they are stored on standard SD and MMC Cards.

Its is on sale now for reasonably competitive £129.99

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One thought on “BT hops aboard digital radio bandwagon

  • I Have This EXACT Model – Given To Me As A Present – Although Its Called TECH – And Not BT – I Score It 3/10 For Overall Performance – The TONE Leaves A LOT To Be Desired – Not As Good As The PANASINIC – Whic (IN TURN) Is Not As Good As The PURE – Still Waiting To Encounter The BUG – This Is VERY POOR QUALITY INDEED – And Doesn’t Look All That Bottle Either !

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