The most highly specified TV in the world?


Want to see the TV being credited as the world’s most advanced? Vivadi’s Saturn is on display in Harrods right now. The plasma TV comes with a 46-inch screen, a DVD recorder and a 200GB hard drive recorder (admit it, you’ll never watch all those shows you record on it). The hard drive comes with a 14 day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), which is nice and, as the press release rightly points out, you’ll have enough room for all your MP3’s on there as well. There’s full Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound system with 600 Watts of amplification. Because it runs on Windows Media Centre you can use it as a computer.

We’re not sure about you, but for £15,000 we’d expect an even longer spec list than that – strange wood stand or no. The surround sound speakers will set you back a further £7,999.


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