Sony PSP set for UK launch date March 25?


Hardcore gamers website is reporting that it has seen leaked Sony marketing documents that set a launch date in the UK for its handheld PSP console of March 25 2005. In the same story, the site also alleges that Sony are leaning on retail stores to "own" as many as possible in the launch period, presumably with extensive point-of-sale advertising and branding. Finally, Spong also alleges that hardware shortages for the PSP in Japan are very real, and may have limited the units shipped initially to a mere 200,000.

Simon M [Games Digest]

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One thought on “Sony PSP set for UK launch date March 25?

  • please give us the psp on the 25th march at the latest. Hundreds of Thousands of europeans have their hearts set on that date, if you delay it you may lose sony fans and sales.

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