HP iPAQ h6340 on T-Mobile

Mobile phones, PDAs

You can now get HP‘s hunky chunky super-connected PDA on T-Mobile with a special little connection pack full of goodies. The iPAQ h6340 leaves you spoilt for choice on the connectivity front, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, GSM and infrared. The T-Mobile deal means you start using all the connectivity options straight out of the box. The £9.99 package includes 2 hours of Wi-Fi access (ie. 2 T-Mobile vouchers for T-Mobile hotspots), 30 days unlimited GPRS and £5 of voice and text messaging included with the SIM card. After that you’ll have to go back to top up cards or a monthly tariff, but it’s a good way of getting the customers on board.

The only slight downside is that the h6340 is a big ugly brick of a thing. Still, if you can live with that (and can afford the £479-odd you’ll have to pay for it) it does offer an alternative to the Nokia Communicator.


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