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Certain members of the Tech Digest team are beginning to wonder why they bothered to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement for iRiver’s H10 since the product was leaked with pictures of it all over the internet before the ink was dry. Still, we’ll be playing it safe by sticking only to what’s already been announced (not that there’s much missing by the looks of things). The 5GB hard drive player is a smidgeon bigger than the iPod mini, but it’s lighter, weighing 96.2g compared to the iPod mini’s 102g. It’s the proud bearer of a colour screen, FM Tuner and a scroll panel that we’re surprised Creative doesn’t have something to say about.

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  • first, although it is $280, does the mini have a color screen? i thikn not. does it have 5gigs? i think not. does mini have FM tuner, recorder, voice recorder? i think not. there you go. i personally would love to get the H10, but i’m afraid to ask my dad for permission, because i have been whining about the rio carbon, then i saw this today. after i saw it, i was in love. so yeah. maybe i’ll wit for a couple months and start whining aobut this. man. i’m in love.

  • yo

    its a hot mp3 player, and its comin out january 31st!!!

    Compare it to the best mini mp3 player out there the iPod Mini.

    1. Not flaming color choices (lolz)
    2. 1 more gb than Ipod Mini
    3. FM Tuner and Recorder, plus Voice Recorder; none of that on ipod Mini
    5. 10 grams lighter
    6. Only 2 downsides are: not sure if UI and controls are good, plus its $280 compared to ipod Mini at $250

    thats my take, later

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